Apps of the week

Apps of the week

I know I normally blog about more pressing and heavier issues, but I have to say it’s not always intentional. I just like to write about things that spark some sort of passion in me. Today my muse is on a much lighter note: apps of the week! I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to game apps, especially if it involves trivia, cute cartoons, chirpy music and a simple objective. Hence why I loved Pet Rescue Saga so much! Alas, that one got a little too tricky and my patience wore thin. But never fear, I have discovered two new little gems to add to my collection! Thanks Dan for bringing these beauties into my life.

1. Cooking Fever

If you’re into games that challenge your multi-tasking skills and you love food the way I do, then Cooking Fever is perfect for you. But be warned, excessive game play will result in strange and random cravings for hotdogs, burgers and cakes. It will also become the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing you do before you go to sleep. Oh, is that just me? Okay then. The objective is simple: serve as many customers you can as quickly as you can in order to upgrade your kitchen to the best of the best and keep your customers happy. Easy enough, right? Wait until you get to level 36! 

2. QuizUp

Although it is not as new as Cooking Fever, I’ve only just recently discovered QuizUp! I’ve always been a lover of quiz games, HELLO, SPORCLE, ANYONE?! Anyway, QuizUp is basically a quiz app that allows you to challenge others in a quiz on any topic of your choosing. And let me tell you, the topics list is pretty darn extensive, I’m impressed. My personal favourite quiz topics have been the “Harry Potter Movie Knowledge Quiz” which I have aced almost every time… not bragging or anything. One thing I would like to point out though, these ‘general knowledge’ quizzes on QuizUp are really not general… I’ve struggled quite a bit with them, but not sure if it is just me. Regardless, I am now also addicted to QuizUp, and I’ve actually been learning a lot of new things! Fun, addictive AND educational… sounds too good to be true, right? WRONG. Download it now.

What are your thoughts on these apps? Any others you’d like to suggest? I’m all ears!