Bucket list dish #2

Good morning and happy Sunday!

If there is one dish of the Indian cuisine you have to try, it is gulbadan kofta!

It is the first day of winter here in Australia, but that is no reason to mourn. After experiencing the dead of winter in both New York and Bologna, I will never complain about winter in my hometown again, where the average low temperature during the winter months is 8-10°C.

Another reason why the first day of winter shall no be mourned is because I woke up with a still-satisfied and full belly from last night’s dinner. Daniel and I went to JJ’s Indian Restaurant in Wollongong for our favourite dish; gulbadan kofta. For those of you who have never heard of the dish or need reminding, it is a vegetarian Indian dish consisting of vegetable mince balls deep fried and served in a rich, creamy sauce with a cashew base.

gulbadan koftacheese naan breadcheese naan, haldi jeera rice and gulbadan kofta

At JJ’s, the gulbadan kofta serving looks small, but trust those veggie-balls are incredibly filling! Teamed with their gorgeously soft naan bread for dipping and their haldi jeera rice (basmati rice cooked in cumin seed, peas and turmeric), your taste buds are in for the meal of their lives!

papdums and mint sauce on the house

The service is prompt, consistent and efficient, the food is perfect and the atmosphere is buzzing. Get down there and try for yourself!

JJ’s Indian Restaurant Wollongong location:

3/50 Crown Street
Wollongong NSW 2500

JJ’s Indian Restaurant Menu: http://jjsindianrestaurant.com/uploads/files/JJs-Indian-Restaurant-Menu-Sep2011.pdf 


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